Website Project Questionnaire

Website project questionnaire
Jin Wang

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Client contact

Identity and Branding


Note: the more self-managed, the more the cost of construction

Website Pages and Sections

Add the pages or sections you'd like in the website and write a brief description of the type of content and any special requirements

Website content

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Add three websites you like the look and feel of

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Add three websites of your peers, sites your primary target audience may be familiar with

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e.g. view a certain page(s), sign up to a newsletter, leave a comment, contact you, make a purchase.

Add keywords or phrases your target audience would use to find you in Google?

Current website hosting and Domain accounts

New Domain name

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New website and email hosting

Website hosting is the virtual space online where your website is stored. If your website was a house, the hosting is the land. For more info, see our Website Essentials Package

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